What Is The Practice?

A curated community of exceptional individuals.

We offer the opportunity for corporates, boards, startups and scaleups to connect with a selected community of exceptional practitioners who are known for delivering real results and tangible outcomes. And to practitioners the ability to connect with quality, high-profile, challenging and thrilling work.

Connecting with the right people to deliver on a specific outcome results in true value creation through innovation that is measurable and impactful.


It is all in the Power of Who You Know.

Craig Lambert


Craig is Founder and CEO of Slingshot, a family of innovation companies. In the seven years of Slingshot’s operation Craig has become Australia’s most reputable source for meaningful innovation for startups and established businesses. Connecting exceptional professionals with businesses is what he does best.

Nicole Cook

Executive in Charge

With a background in human resources, technology, and entrepreneurship, Nicole is well placed to lead the growth of this new venture. A non-executive director, executive, thought leader, and management consultant, Nicole has held executive roles in startup businesses that grew to global powerhouses and is focused on driving innovation to ensure a sustainable future.