Why join CoVentured?

Access high quality deal flow

Get high-quality deal flow from our network of 200+ corporates and 40,000 startups.

We get paid, when you get paid

Connect with opportunity, deliver the work and send your invoice. We get paid when you do.

And you get paid when you refer, too

If you refer a practitioner to a client and it ends in a deal, we split the referral fee with you.

Community curated by practitioners

Admissions get considered only when endorsed by 2+ existing practitioner.


About our Practitioners  

The Practice connects high-profile opportunities with exceptional people. This is what we do best, and if you are a vetted professional that can deliver real, tangible results, we want to hear from you. 

Our Practitioners our true innovators that deliver the highest quality outcomes. They are thought leaders in their space, vetted professionals and have innovation in their DNA. Most importantly, they are energetic and responsive, love to tackle a good challenge, come with no baggage or risk and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to get things done.  Does this sound like you?   

Unlike the traditional titles of Partner, Consultant, Associate, blah, blah... we have classified the Practitioners according to their impact so you or a client can put together the A-Team! We refer to them as "Badges of Impact". 


These are the people that know what real change looks like. They may not have a crystal ball but they come pretty close. 


These are the people that inherently see things differently. They challenge your assumptions to find the hidden value. 


These are the people who craft a way forward.  They plan and generate activity. They design, plan and implement. 


These are the people who get their hands dirty and deliver the goods.  They are the "doers” you want on your team. 

How do I become a Practitioner?  

Practitioners admission is by invitation only. We want you to be confident that the people you are connecting with are people that can truly bring value to your network. To be invited to join CoVentured, you’ll have:

check-icon An innovation mindset as a cutting-edge thought leader, recognised for pushing boundaries
check-icon Either engaged in paid work to deliver outcomes for a Series A+ funded startup, Top 200 Australian or Fortune 500 global company and/or been a mentor or provider of Slingshot Accelerator

Sound like you? Get in touch or complete the Expression of Interest form on this page. We would love to hear more about you!